Couples Counselling

Strengthening Relationships

Relationships can bring so much joy and healing, but also much pain and heartache, especially intimate ones. Learning to love and be loved is a lifelong process, and counselling can help identify our strengths, weaknesses, and the path forward to a stronger bond. Alternatively, if you have already decided to end your relationship, counselling can help you learn from the experience and part ways more amicably, which is particularly important if children are involved.  

Below are some of the issues that I have experience with that you might seek counselling for:

  • Pre-Marital & Marriage Counselling

  • Improving Communication

  • Managing Conflict

  • Building Intimacy

  • Life Transitions (I.e. moving, job changes, pregnancy, loss)

  • Managing Responsibilities, Stressors, and Expectations

  • Negotiating Parenting Styles

  • Issues with Family Members or In-laws

  • Infidelity and Affairs

  • Separation and Divorce

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